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Why is it Important to have daily RigPass Basin United in Midland

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Basin United is the Permian Basin oilfield training with requirements for training in both leadership and fundamentals of safety. The fundamentals of safety Basin United is handled through the wonderful IADC RigPass program. It is important to have companies like Broadway Oilfield Training Midland providing RigPass Basin United classes for several reasons.

Convenient Basin United Scheduling

Being able to take RigPass Basin United every day makes scheduling much more convenient for oilfield workers in Midland. For human resources managers that have just hired someone new, now you can get your workers into important safety training as soon as their first day. It is important that workers are getting their RigPass Basin United Training as early as possible. Being able to fit them into daily classes is far more convenient than waiting for a class that might not be scheduled until the next week.

Practice makes perfect

Teaching RigPass Basin United classes in Midland is a skill that must be exercised just like any other. We are proud to have daily practice so that we are able to teach this class well. What would you think of an instructor who only teaches a course once in a while? After time skills become rusty without practice. Offering RigPass Basin United in Midland on a daily basis helps us to keep our skills sharp.

More comfortable RigPass classes

Many Midland RigPass Basin United providers only give the class once per week. Their reasoning for this is that they want to make more money per class, so by reducing the class frequency they can cram more students into each class. This is a bad idea to run your oil and gas safety training. When they force everyone into a weekly Basin United RigPass class it is much less comfortable. Having an uncomfortable classroom experience makes it more difficult to retain knowledge. Running RigPass classes every day allows us to offer smaller classes and keep your Basin United Training more comfortable and effective.

Made in Midland Oilfield Training

The Basin United program is “Made in Midland” for workers in the Permian basin oil and gas industry. Broadway Oilfield Training is proud to offer safety training and RigPass through its Midland office. In Midland, we are located at the north end of North Big Spring Street at 24 Smith Road. This is a convenient location whether you are coming from another part of Midland or need to take the loop from out of town.