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Rigger/Signalperson Training in Midland Texas

We are located in the Claydesta area in the first floor of the TGAAR Tower at 24 Smith Road STE 110 Midland, TX 79705

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We provide qualified rigger and signalperson training to oilfield workers in Midland Texas. At Broadway Oilfield Training, the qualified rigger/signalperson class includes a full day of classroom training and a written test. These classes are scheduled as needed in Midland. Check the online calendar above to pick a date and register for Qualified Rigger Training in Midland today!


If you would like to schedule a qualified rigger class in Midland Texas then let us know!


All Permian basin oil and gas workers who are tasked with hooking up lifting equipment must be qualified riggers. Examples of rigging equipment may include shackles, wire rope or metal chain and synthetic webbing.


Qualified rigger training includes a thorough overview of the topics that each rigger must know. This class covers:


  • Shackles and rings
  • Bolts
  • Slings
  • Baskets and hitches
  • Inspections
  • Storage
  • Loading calculations
  • Lift Planning
  • Safety equipment
  • Electrical awareness


This course also covers the ANSI standard hand signals and radio communications. A practical examination is included for each student to show their knowledge of the standard hand signals.


If you have workers in Midland that need qualified rigger and signalperson then let us know to schedule a class today.