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How is basin united training specific to Midland?

One of the great breakthroughs of safety training for the Oilfield over the past decade has been the addition of Basin United to the venerable IADC RigPass program. As you likely know, the IADC RigPass program is the world’s foremost Oilfield safety orientation. It has been around the longest and serves the most oilfield workers worldwide. However, there are groups throughout the country working to improve the safety of oil and gas workers. In this regard, the Permian basin is no different. The group in the Permian basin which is working to advance Oilfield safety training is called Basin United.

Through their Building the Basin program they have added two new oilfield safety training courses including Fundamentals of Safety and Safety Leadership training. The building the basin fundamentals of safety program which we teach in Midland, and also online, is a full day safety orientation for oil and gas workers specific to West Texas. The building the basin safety leadership program is designed to advance the safety culture of the supervisors within the Permian basin. Because these programs are at the forefront of Oilfield safety training you can combine your Basin United Fundamentals of safety with IADC RigPass. Because RigPass was already the ideal candidate for workers needing an oilfield safety orientation it contained many of the topics that would be needed in specific parts of the oil and gas industry including general safety personal protective equipment, materials handling, occupational health, work procedures ,fire safety, materials handling, health and first aid, as well as information on the rig and platform environment including surface operations. Many of these topics are also required when teaching Basin united fundamentals of safety in Midland.

The modern twist, the thing that really increases our outreach to the safety training of the Oilfield workers in the Permian basin, has been the addition of statistics-based oil and gas safety training. One example has been an increase focus on driving safety incidents. You may not be aware of this, however, within the oil and gas industry of the Permian basin more than half of all worker fatalities happen during driving. Therefore, we spend more time focusing on preventing driving accidents during our Basin United fundamentals of safety training in Midland. Another issue that can cause serious injury or death working in the oilfields is from line of fire hazards. Line of fire can include a release of pressurized equipment such as when a bull plug is loosened from a pressurized line, this causes the metal plug to move very quickly and unexpectedly and can cause death or serious injury if it comes into contact with somebody. Another example of a line of fire risks that we need to look out for is from falling objects when they are being lifted or hoisted. If the rigging is improperly done and people are standing underneath the load then the fall will be too quick for people underneath to get out of the way. This can cause the person to be killed due to crushing injuries. Adding this information to our RigPass program we hope will prove in valuable for years to come in preventing the loss of life for oil and gas workers in Midland Texas and across the Permian basin. If you need a RigPass training for the Basin United fundamentals of safety in Midland Texas make sure to choose Broadway Oilfield training Midland.