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What is the purpose of RigPass in Midland


As a leading provider of RigPass training in Midland we believe in the purpose. The purpose of RigPass is to make sure that every worker in Midland is empowered to go home alive and safe every day. If workers are injured, or worse, in the oilfield then their families will not be able to expect them to come back to Midland in the same shape that they left it. During the RigPass training we teach awareness to safety topics such as site security, gases, and materials handling. When workers stay safe from all the risks then their RigPass becomes their ticket to come home alive and well every day.

In addition to the RigPass training, we also have the Basin United training in Midland. Basin United training is something new an exciting to add to your RigPass. By adding Basin United training to your RigPass we are pursuing more up to date safety training with the addition of values for the Permian Basin.


There is a premise that underlies much of the older safety training. The premise is that the purpose of safety training was only to meet someone else’s requirements. If we undertake our own safety training on someone else’s behalf then it would be as if we value their requirements more than our own lives.

With RigPass training we are inclusive providers that value the lives of workers. We don’t just provide safety training because OSHA requires training but we deliver tools for workers. We want workers to value their own safety first as well as care about the lives of their coworkers. Our RigPass training delivers a care based approach to valuing workers families.


It is our belief that all accidents are preventable. By delivering high quality safety training we are doing our best to prevent as many of them as we can. During our Midland RigPass training we sometimes hear that a particular accident was unavoidable. Is this really the case? Often we could not individually avoid a mistake because all humans are prone to make mistakes; nobody is perfect. If we had someone looking out for us then they could have helped us to stay out of harm’s way. We believe that RigPass training in Midland teaches the values to keep each other safe.

Bottom line

We measure our RigPass success by the progress created. Every worker coming back home to midland is a valuable achievement. While this achievement makes our hearts happy, maybe your company has a different bottom line. Oilfield safety incidents are expensive. The costs of downtime, fines, and lawyers quickly make the paycheck not worth it. This is not to mention that some damage can never be fixed no matter how much money is spent. Take a Midland RigPass class today with Broadway Oilfield Training Midland. We can’t wait to see you today!