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Welcome to Broadway Oilfield Training-Midland


We are located in the Claydesta area in the first floor of the TGAAR Tower at 24 Smith Road STE 110 Midland, TX 79705

We are your source in the Permian for high quality oilfield training. We supply daily classes for Basin United Fundamentals, Leadership, and RigPass in English and Spanish. We also have the highly sought-after Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness Training and Respirator Fit Tests along with the Train the Trainer program. 

Schedule today using our convenient online calendar. Then take your oilfield training in our comfortable and conveniently located Midland office. If you can’t make it in person, then you can choose from one of our popular online oilfield course options.


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Schedule today using our convenient online calendar. Then take your oilfield training in our comfortable and conveniently located Midland office. If you can’t make it in person, then you can choose from one of our popular online oilfield course options.

Online oilfield training classes:

Though Oilfield Training Online we are able to offer courses on demand such as H2S Awareness and Frac-BASIC, a popular intoructory view of the hydraulic fracturing process. We also have virtual training available for the online Basin United Fundamentals and Leadership programs. Yes we speak Spanish, our instructors are ready for your Permian basin workers.

Basin United:

Basin United is the Permian Basin’s newest training program consisting of two levels, Fundamental and Leadership. Each of these courses is one day long. At the fundamental level, each field worker receives general safety orientation surrounding their new world in the oil and gas industry. Every field worker should be receiving this fundamental safety orientation before beginning work. At the leadership level, field supervisors are taught about the importance of the Permian basin safety culture.


New in 2022, field supervisors in the Permian basin are required undergo enhanced training in safety leadership. The Basin United Leadership is a one day course for field supervisors to emerge as leaders in safe operation. This course challenges each supervisor to take on an expanded and cooperative role in promoting safety for their people and throughout the Permian basin.

Confined Space:

Count on us for Confined Space training in Midland. We offer confined space training for entrant/attendant.

Train the Trainer:

If you need to do H2S Train the Trainer or fit tests for your own company the join our Fit Test Train the Trainer or H2S Train the Trainer classes. Also First Aid CPR Train the Trainer available.


The International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) RigPass program delivers the fundamental safety orientation for the Permian basin and the world. Not only is this the most venerable safety orientation in the world, but it is also the most up to date. IADC RigPass is available in Midland classroom training and online plus in Spanish.

Hydrogen Sulfide:

H2S is a deadly gas that is often present in the oil and gas industry. All oilfield workers should receive annual training on the dangers of H2S and how to work safely around the gas. We provide daily training for the initial awareness H2S training as well as for refreshers. Hydrogen sulfide train the trainer and 4 hours certified training is also available on request.

SafeLand PEC and CLEAR:

Daily PEC SafeLand and CLEAR classes available in Midland.

Respirator Fit Testing:

Respiratory fit testing is available on N95, half face, and full face respirators. We us a thorough qualitative process to fit test your respirator.

Rigger/Signalperson Training:

Full day classroom training for Qualified Rigger/Signalperson is now available in Midland. Click here to go to the Rigger Training page.


Classroom training for HAZWOPER and Refresher HAZWOPER Training in Midland.

Bloodborne Pathogens

We have Bloodborne Pathogens training in Midland.

Arc Falsh

For oilfield workers who operate or work around electrical equipment, which could include motors and transformers, take Arc Flash training consistent with NFPA 70E.

Fire Watch

Our Fire Watch course is a combo that now includes for your convenience the Incipient Fire and Fire Extinguisher courses as well.

Hearing Loss and Protection

Learn about the hazards of overexposure to noise and how to conserve your hearing through protection.

Benzene Awareness

The BTEX chemicals, including benzene, can be harmful when exposed to workers. 


Classroom training for your GHS HAZCOM training certificate in Midland or Online.

Load Securement

Make sure you have secured loads, take Load Securement training for each driver!

Electrical Safety

Our basic Electrial Safety course now includes NFPA 70E Arc Flash!

Lockout Tagout

Various pieces of machinery in the oilfield require LOTO, such as pumping units. Make sure your employees are following the SOP and taking LOTO training.


Get training on oilfield Personal Protective Equipment in Midland today!

Respiratory Protection

Learn about respiratory hazards and how to use respirators.

Rigging Equipment for Material Handling

This is a shorter course for oilfield workers who are not taking the full Qualified Rigger course.