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Where can you go to get a fit test and an H2S card on the same day in Midland?

Many oil and gas workers in Midland and even across the entire Permian Basin need to have both an H2S training card and a fit test. The H2S training is required for any worker that is working around some of the H2S generating fields that can be found around Midland. It is important that the workers are able to stay safe by being aware of the toxic gas. It is also important that all employees are staying compliant with government requirements from OSHA.

Many of these same workers also need to be fit tested on a respirator. The respirator could be one designated to protect them against H2S such as one of our full face Scott AV3000 fit Tests. Other workers may coincidentally need a fit test in Midland not because of H2S but due to other hazards, such as dust. Many sand haulers and others who work in hydraulic fracturing are in this camp. In this case they may need a half-face fit test in Midland. We want to fit test their respirators so that they are getting good protection from silica and other dusts.

With Broadway Oilfield Training Midland it is easy to get both your fit test and H2S card at the same time in Midland. How do you do this? When you sign up for either a fit test or an H2S card then just let us know that you also need to get the other test done. We will be sure to make sure to get you taken care of that day. If you need RigPass training or the Basin United program as well then that makes for a much longer day in Midland but it is something we really love to help oilfield workers achieve.

Imagine the old way when you needed both a fit test and an H2S awareness class and how bad it used to be. First you would have to find the next class on the schedule, and maybe they only had one per week! Then when the day comes to take your H2S class then you would have to go to some old run down metal building. It would be cramped and noisy with the air conditioning being defeated by the relentless West Texas sun. Once you had your H2S training finished then you could finally request a fit test. At that point you had to be prepared to wait in a line all day until everyone else finished theirs! What should have only been a 2 hour task now becomes a full day affair. Now you don’t need to suffer through such mistreatment because you have Broadway Oilfield Training Midland to help you out.