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Daily RigPass in Midland

Only one place has daily RigPass in Midland

Did you know that there is only one place in Midland that offers Daily RigPass classes? Don’t be surprised that Broadway Oilfield Training Midland is your only source for daily RigPass. We love this course and have been teaching in for years. IADC RigPass is the most trusted oilfield orientation program in the entire world. By delivering RigPass training to your workers today you can help assure yourself that they will be ready to work safely tomorrow.

Midland’s Real Oilfield Training

Many people have asked us “where do we get real oilfield training in Midland?” Look no further than Broadway Oilfield Training Midland. We have been working in the oil and gas industry for such a time that it is as if we now have oil in our blood. Have you been working in the oil and gas industry for a long time and need to get RigPass certified as well? If so then you will enjoy an immersive experience where you will be able to build on your own previous experience. Are you brand new to the oil industry and need RigPass training to get started? Come on in and be prepared to get your first taste of real oilfield training.

Do you need the offshore RigPass in Midland? That is not a problem when you choose Broadway Oilfield Midland. Our instructors have spent time working offshore in deepwater. They are happy to help you with your offshore RigPass in Midland Texas!

Weekend RigPass Training

A challenge that has dogged the women and men of the oil industry since the dawn of time has been starting work on Monday but you need training right this weekend. When this happens to you then Broadway Oilfield Training Midland is your choice to get weekend oilfield training. Make sure to call in advance because this popular option sells out fast. Count on the same great RigPass training on Saturday and Sunday, all within Midland Texas!

Online RigPass Training

If you can’t make it into Midland for your RigPass training do not worry because we also off Online RigPass training from Oilfield Training Online. This is a daily complete training course that offers Basin United courses virtually. We also have the option for you to add the offshore RigPass to your online course. Wouldn’t you like to get RigPass training online with the new Basin United endorsement for the Permian Basin? Check out the virtual class at Oilfield Training Online.