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Broadway Oilfield Training Midland now has HAZCOM

We are extremely excited to share with you, our fans in the Permian Basin, that Broadway Oilfield Training Midland now offers HAZCOM training for you in Midland. This HAZCOM training program has been the product of tireless efforts by our team members and partners. We wish to give them the utmost gratitude for their enormous efforts to put in place this HAZCOM program. Our instructors truly care about the health and safety of the oilfield workers in Midland. We want to make sure that you all get the good quality training that you deserve.

HAZCOM in Midland means more oilfield safety training in Midland. We love the oil and gas industry. We have been told that we have oil in our blood. For this reason, there is no better job for us than to support the oil and gas workers in Midland with high quality training. Our last debut was the highly acclaimed HAZWOPER training program. This brought in class HAZWOPER to Midland and online HAZWOPER to Oilfield Training Online. While this was a satisfying achievement, we wanted to keep helping more.

To help the oil and gas industry in Midland even more we brought out this HAZCOM program. All workers that could be working around chemicals in the oil and gas industry should be receiving HAZCOM training in Midland. We will have a daily training schedule for this HAZCOM training so that every worker in Midland can get it within a day or two. The training center is also much more comfortable than any other that you may experience in the Midland or Odessa area. It is important to be comfortable while you take your Midland oil and gas training. Having the classes daily also means that you can take your HAZCOM training today or tomorrow.

What is also great about our Midland HAZCOM training is that the prices are more reasonable than other places. In 2022, we are debuting the HAZCOM course at $40 each worker for in person training in Midland. We also have an online option from Oilfield Training Online that is very attractively priced at $20 per person. The prices are attractive in order to make the high quality training available, but make no mistake, this is high quality training.

Our high quality HAZMAT training is developed from years of experience both in the oil and gas industry as well as years of educational study. You can count on a program that is true to the spirit of the best of oil and gas safety. In the meantime you will see that we have made the HAZCOM training as engaging and enjoyable as possible. Come finish your HAZCOM certificate in Midland today!