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Why is Broadway Oilfield Training Midland the best place to get H2S training in Midland?

Quality Hydrogen Sulfide Instruction

Hydrogen Sulfide is a poisonous gas that has properties that can make it extremely dangerous. At Broadway Oilfield Training Midland we want to make sure that workers are receiving the most effective classes possible to achieve their H2S certifications. Do you want an instructor with lots of safety experience? Do you want an instructor that is able to help people understand the dangers of H2S? We do, because we want all workers to come home safe every day even when working around hydrogen sulfide.

Comfortable classes

We also want your workers to count on comfortable H2S classes so that they can pay attention to the training and not be distracted by how uncomfortable the classroom is. Have you ever gone to training in a run down old metal building with folding chairs? You are spending more time thinking about how noisy the building is and how painful the folding chairs become after time. It is much better to have comfortable chairs and a high quality building so that you can focus 100% on the H2S training. Don’t worry about parking, we also have a large parking lot for your truck.

Reasonable prices

Broadway Oilfield Training Midland offers H2S Awareness training for some of the best prices in Midland. That being said, a low price is only to make sure that the training is accessible and should not be your primary reason for choosing hydrogen sulfide training. Paying a few more dollars for effective H2S training or for better gas detection equipment is a better choice than risking a costly accident. In reality, incidents not only cost more money but also something much more valuable then money. It pays to make sure you are getting your Midland H2S training done right!

Easy scheduling

One of the nice aspects of H2S training that we are proud to offer our customers is an excellent online class scheduling calendar. To schedule an H2S class in Midland you can easily look at the calendar and pick a time to take your certification. Often, same day H2S classes are available in Midland. With the class scheduler you can also keep track of your ongoing certifications and even pay online for your in-person classes. Check us out on the weekend too, we love teaching H2S classes on Saturday and Sunday!

Convenient Location

Our H2S classes are actually in Midland. The training center is located at 24 Smith Road inside the TGAAR tower. This is just off of the corner of N Big Spring Street and Veterans Airpark Road. In other words our H2S classes are on the north side of Midland just inside the loop.

Online and In Class H2S option

Many workers will need in-person H2S classes in Midland, but others will also need to take H2S Online. They may need to take online H2S courses because they have no time to come in from the field, or they live very far away from Midland. Perhaps your workers are only awake late at night and need to take the classes then. In all of those cases we have H2S training online available for you. The H2S online classes come with either a digital only certificate or with a physical certificate mailed to your address.