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Where can you get HAZWOPER Training in Midland Texas?


HAZWOPER training is training for Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response. This training is specified under OSHA 1910.120. For workers who could be exposed to hazardous waste materials OSHA requires “a minimum of 40 hours of instruction off the site, and a minimum of three days actual field experience under the direct supervision of a trained experienced supervisor.”

Why would you need HAZWOPER Training in Midland/Odessa

The Midland/Odessa area is world famous for the large amount of oil and gas producing operations. It is possible that a petroleum producing operation could potentially produce hazardous waste. The same is true of a petroleum processing or transporting operation due to the large amount of materials that they handle. For workers in these areas they will receive their initial Basin United orientation in which they learn to avoid hazardous waste releases if they haven’t been trained yet. Workers that respond to contain or clean up hazardous materials releases must receive appropriate HAZWOPER training.

Broadway Oilfield Now Offers HAZWOPER Training

Recognizing the need for cost effective and efficient HAZWOPER training, Broadway Oilfield Training Midland is proud to offer HAZWOPER training in Midland and Online. We offer in-person training via CBT for Midland HAZWOPER including 8 hour refreshers and 40 hours. We also offer an online HAZWOPER version for those who can not make it into Midland to take this important training. Click here to view our Midland HAZWOPER page and choose an option for your training. For the Online HAZWOPER click here.

What other oilfield safety training might you need?

Now that you’ve gotten all set-up for your Midland HAZWOPER training there are a few other training courses that you should consider. As a Basin United Training center, do not forget to take your Fundamentals or Leadership with us! Also, you will likely need to take a respiratory fit test to stay in compliance with the OSHA respiratory standard. Add your fit test during the HAZWOPER training at Broadway Oilfield Training Midland so that you can stay up to date for another year.

Also, consider the field that you will be working in. Does your company work in oilfields that could release hydrogen sulfide? If so, then you will certainly want to add an H2S card to you HAZWOPER training. Under the ANSI Z390.1-2017 standard, H2S training should be four hours long and contain a variety of topics.