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What makes modern H2S Training?

H2S Training is required

For many years, it has been required that workers in the Permian Basin receive H2S training. The OSHA requirement for any worker that may encounter the gas is that they receive H2S Awareness training initially with annual refreshers. OSHA regulations, however, may tell us less about the quality and content of H2S training than we might wish. We want to make sure that Permian Basin oilfield workers are receiving modern and high quality H2S training. This is not only to meet OSHA requirements but also to do our best to ensure that workers have the training they need to go home alive and safe every day.

Adult Learning Techniques

Modern adult learning techniques have been advancing to enhance the knowledge retention of oilfield workers. These aspects include visual aids, interaction, and recognition of varied learning styles.

Visual Aids

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words and a visual aid can easily add that much value to the H2S Training experience. A visual aid can be anything that connects the learners visual system to the material at hand. This could include a picture of the subject, a short video, or even a piece of actual hands-on equipment. Being able to see the subject matter at hand helps learners to distinguish between the abstract concept and the real-world scenario.


It has been found that adult learning is enhanced mostly by active learning facilitated primarily by interaction. Interaction has the dual function of measuring the student’s understanding of the material in real time as well as motivating them to engage with that material more actively. One way to enhance engagement is by adding questions to a traditional lecture. When asking the students questions it prevents them from slipping into a passive mode of learning.

Learning Styles

In modern H2S training we are also concerned with the learner’s individual style of learning. There are workers who fare better with visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learning. Visual learners want to see the material to understand it. A reading section or visual aid may help them understand H2S awareness the best. Auditory learners absorb information from spoken word. Lectures enhanced with active learning questions keep these students well engaged. Kinesthetic learners benefit from a learn-by-doing or hands-on approach. Having something to keep these students minds active on different aspects of H2S is crucial.

Modern Standards

We are also concerned that our H2S training material encompasses the most modern understanding by using modern standards. The most recent national standard was released in 2017 by the American National Standards Institute. Prior to that, we also have the Recommended Practice 49 released by the American Petroleum Institute and reaffirmed in 2013.

Verification and Testing

Modern H2S training should be verified and documented, we verify training using different types of documents. Registration forms digitally store information from each student such as the company and the unique identifier. Manual attendance forms show that the student actually showed up and participated in the class. Finally, written testing shows the level of knowledge that each student has achieved from their H2S Training.

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