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Can I take a fit test online?

Many oil and gas workers in Midland enjoy H2S Training online due to the convenience of taking oil and gas classes online. One question that comes up during the H2S training is that a respirator fit test is also required. For workers taking their classes in Midland for H2S this is easy to add. If you are taking the H2S class online, however, it is not quite as easy to add the respirator fit test.

In the past, we have been successful in delivering fit test train the trainer online. The reason for this is that the fit test trainer development is primarily knowledge based and lends itself well to online teaching. The actual fit test, however, is a physical process. In a Midland respirator fit test the mask is applied directly to the worker’s face and then tested to ensure that leaks are not present.

While the skills to perform a fit test are easily transmitted over the internet, the materials required are not. To perform a Midland Texas based fit test we have to have on hand several respirators of different sizes and styles. We also need to have the respirator fit testing kit ready to go. Finally, each type of respirator needs its own adaptor. This amount of material is perhaps too much to deliver over the mail for a fit test.

If you have a Midland based yard needing fit tests, we can come to you. We will bring the experience needed to fit test in addition to the various respirators and equipment. If you are an individual in Midland that needs a fit test then it is even easier. You can schedule directly from the available slots in the calendar, then either choose to take your own respirator or use one of ours. The whole process should only take 20 to 30 minutes once you are at our midland location.

We are located at 24 Smith Road Suite 110 in Midland Texas. This is on the north side of town just inside the loop at Midland’s fabulous Claydesta business area. We love serving Midland/Odessa and we are West Texas proud. Remember that as a worker in the Permian Basin YOU are helping fuel the nation, and the world’s, need for affordable and reliable energy. Without you, cars would never run, the lights in the hospital would not come on, and vital plastics could not build our world into the wonder that it is today. Since you are so important as an oil and gas worker, we want to ensure that you are going home alive and safe every day, it’s our thank you for a job well done in Midland or wherever you call home.