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How to Schedule a Fit Test in Midland

Scheduling your next fit test in Midland Texas is easy. You just have to know if you need full face, half face, or an N95 type fit test, be clean shaven, and pick a time to have it done. The whole process should take 20-30 minutes and at the end you will have a year-long certificate to certify the respirator that fits your face well.

Remember that the fit testing process is generally laid out according to OSHA regulation 29 CFR 1910.134. Most users require a fit test as specified in Appendix A of said regulation. In this case, you may also need additional training or a medical qualification. Let us know if you need help with those things.


We are available most days of the week during normal business hours. If you need after hours or weekend fit tests we can often accommodate that if you reach out ahead of time. Our normal business hours are 8AM to 4PM and we are located at 24 Smith Road #110, Midland Texas. This is the first floor of the TGAAR tower near the popular Claydesta business district. If you have a large group that needs to be fit tested that’s OK too. We can currently service about 8 persons per hour for fit testing. If your workers speak Spanish we can help them with a Spanish respirator fit test too!

Online Calendar

If you would like to browse the schedule for fit testing appointments, we have an online calendar on the fit testing page. The online fit testing calendar helps you by showing options for fit testing in Midland or San Antonio including the times available and prices. You can then elect to pay online when registering or wait until your time of service to pay. If there is something that you are needing that is not on the calendar then make sure to let us know.

Call-in or Email appointment

If you don’t want to use the online scheduling calendar, or if you have other questions about fit testing, then you can still call or email the office instead. All calls and emails are returned in the order that they are received. As always, appointments are first come first served so make sure that you schedule ahead of time to reserve your respiratory fit test appointment in Midland.

Walk-ins are available

We Strongly encourage everyone who needs a fit test to schedule an appointment prior to arriving. There is limited space available and during busy times we want to make sure that everyone has space available to get their fit test. For this reason, walk-ins will be served at the next available opening for an increased price. Make sure to call ahead and reserve a space to avoid having to pay extra.