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What is Basin United Training?

The Basin United Fundamentals of Safety and Basin United Leadership are the newest standard in oil and gas worker orientation and safety culture. These groups are lead by talented and hardworking teams from the Permian Basin’s most important oil companies. In fact, the majority of the largest public oil producers and service providers have joined forces in the Basin United program.

The goal is to improve worker safety and to make sure that all workers go home alive and well every day. Any serious injury or fatality is an unacceptable cost that we all must work to eliminate. Although this program was developed within the Permian Basin, expect a future rollout throughout the nation. All accidents are preventable. We are all human and none of us are perfect, however we can strive to look out for each other. The challenge is to change ourselves to become safer workers as a team.

What has changed? What is new?

The fundamentals of safety program from Basin United has moved beyond the safety orientations of the past and has become the new worker orientation that the oilfield needs. With Basin United Fundamentals there is a greater emphasis on the serious incidents and fatalities which are so devastating to our oilfield families. The program also brings oilfield training into the modern era with interactive exercises and facilitated activities. Educational science has shown that these types of activities used in Basin United are more effective at helping adult learners succeed.

The Basin United Safety Leadership program is also being phased in for supervisors in the Permian Basin. Safety Leadership is training probably unlike anything you have attended in the past. This class is not about memorizing safety rules or OSHA regulations, nothing like that. Basin United Leadership challenges us to be safer leaders, effective mentors, and better members of the oilfield community. Even when we make mistakes, if we commit to helping each other out, commit to stopping unsafe work, and commit to caring about each other then we can count on a safe and successful future for us all. This is the Basin United Leadership commitment.

How long is Basin United?

The Basin United Fundamentals of Safety course is 8 hours long plus the test. This allows plenty of time for all learners to digest the material and succeed in the class. Retests are possible for qualified students at the discretion of the instructor. The Basin United Leadership consists of 6 hours of class, plus breaks if needed. An oilfield supervisor who needs to take both classes can expect to spend two days advancing their safety aspect. Broadway Oilfield Training provides Basin United training to help all oil and gas workers stay safe.